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  • How can I find out more about club volleyball in general?
    Email or reach out to us via Instagram
  • What are the club fees for 2023?
    Club fees for the 2023-24 season will range from $2800-3000 depending on the number of out-of-town tournaments and hotel costs.
  • What can I expect as a parent/guardian of an athlete on an EV Sea Dragons Team?
    You can expect that your athlete will play volleyball in a positive atmosphere with teammates and coaches that encourage them to grow and improve their skills every day. You can expect that your feedback will be listened to by club personnel, and that your athlete’s wellbeing is prioritized above all else.
  • What is the commitment required to be part of an EV Sea Dragons Team?
    We want athletes who enjoy playing volleyball to make up each one of our teams, and we want committed athletes who will be present at practices and tournaments. Unless discussed with coaches as far in advance as possible, we expect our athletes to be present at every practice and tournament.
  • How many teams will be in each age category?
    Each age category for the 2023-24 season will have one boys and one girls team.
  • What is CLUB volleyball with EV Sea Dragons?
    Club volleyball with the EV Sea Dragons is a place for athletes who are passionate about volleyball and want to take their skills to the next level to play with a selected team throughout the entire club volleyball season (December-May). Experienced coaching staff that will grow their technical skill and love for the game, while providing a positive environment to learn, while focusing on fun and each individual athlete’s personal skill development. All athletes that are part of an EV Sea Dragons team will compete against teams from all over Canada in tournaments throughout the season, and will practice with their team three times a week.
  • How are athletes selected to EV Sea Dragons teams?
    All athletes looking to become part of a Sea Dragons team will need to be present for our tryouts from November 27-December 9, 2023. Athletes are selected after showcasing their skills at tryouts by being contacted by a coach or club personnel.
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