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CLUB FEE'S 2024/25


What our fees include:

- Player accommodations for all out of town tournaments

- Tournament Registration Entry Fees for all Volleyball Alberta Premier and Provincial Tournaments

- Tournament Registration Entry Fees for U14-16 teams to Volleyball Canada Nationals (except U14 Girls)

- Coaching fees which include;

        - Coaches pay

        - Coaches accommodation, transportation and food allowance for all out of town         tournaments

        - Coach Development Requirements

        - Coach Mentorship

- Club Administration Fees

- Court rentals for three 2-hour practices per week

- All Team Apparel which includes;

        - 2 Jerseys

        - 2 Warmup T shirts

        - Team joggers

        - Team hoodie

        - Team backpack

        - 1 Mikasa VQ200W volleyball per athlete (for the athlete to keep after the season)

U15/16 ONLY

- Mental Training Session

- Athlete Health and Nutrition Session 

- Team Workouts in the EVPC workout facility with fitness instructor Brantley Skoye

What our fees do not include:

- Sportlomo Player Registration fees

- Player transportation costs for out of town tournaments

- Any additional apparel

- Parent hotel accommodations

- Athlete food at tournaments

- Any additional domestic or international tournaments that a team decides to enter

U14 Boys: TBD

U14 Girls: TBD

U15 Boys: TBD

U15 Girls: TBD

U16 Boys: TBD

U16 Girls: TBD

Refund Policy: As we are unable to fill roster spots after the signing deadlines, we cannot refund club fees for any reason, including player injury, illness or change of mind.

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