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EV Sea Dragons is a club that is dedicated to helping athletes reach their full potential through providing exceptional volleyball instruction in a positive, encouraging, and fun team environment. Our goal is to provide a place to play for athletes who are passionate about volleyball, and to help them grow their volleyball skills and knowledge of the game. We believe that athletes perform at their best while they are having fun in a healthy and supportive environment, and creating this atmosphere is fundamental to what we aim to accomplish as a club.



Integrity - Fairness, consistency and transparency.

Respect - Promote ethical behavior, fair play and respect for the game.

Hard Work - Athletes and coaches committing to bring their best when they step in the gym.

Excellence - Players striving to reach their fullest potential and coaches pushing to provide quality coaching for each player at all times

Dedication - All stakeholders are expected to demonstrate commitment to the team and program; being fully present and on time to practices, games, and other team events

Development - putting in the work to help athletes become technically skilled, tactical and knowledgeable players of the game

Passion - Instilling a love for the sport of volleyball in young athletes to help grow the sport for years to come


In all U15 and below age categories, Volleyball Alberta mandates that all athletes on the score sheet must start one of the first 2 sets and no substitutions can be made until 15 points or if there is an injury. Any athletes are eligible to start and play during a 3rd set. 

In all U16 and above age categories, teams are strongly encouraged to continue to use Developmental Substitution principles for the entire season as it is important for all athletes in the age class to get an opportunity to apply their skills and tactics in a competition environment.

EV Sea Dragons believes in development of all athletes during competition opportunities. Playing time is a privilege and is determined on work ethic, team chemistry and player performance.



Sponsoring the U14 Boys and Girls teams this year to receive the mental training sessions

" At North Road we help successful Edmonton families, foundations and associations navigate the financial, psychological and emotional challenges that come with building and managing multigenerational wealth. We’re proud to support and sponsor the EV Sea Dragons’ mental team training provided by the sports and performance psychology specialists at Mind Buffs. "






  • Athletes' volleyball registration fees

  • Gym Rental Fees

  • Training Aspects - Team practices, sports psychology session, nutrition, 2x individual lessons, team bonding opportunities

  • Coaching honorariums, training, and volleyball registration fees

  • Coaches’ out of town transportation, accommodation and food allowance

  • Full Team Tournament registration fees (Exhibition tournaments, non sanctioned tournaments, VA premiers & provincials, Volleyball Canada national championships - if team attends)

  • Team Apparel

  • Team Equipment

  • All overnight hotel stays for athletes

Club fees do not include athlete transportation or food costs


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For any athletes potentially needing financial assistance, here are some financial resources to explore

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